About Us

About us

Digipod was born during the Pandemic as a result of listening to the needs and concerns of numerous NHS health trusts on how to successfully deliver digital consulting. The journey of digital transformation whilst an exciting one, presents new challenges that need to be resolved.

Designing a solution that meets requirements for Information Governance, data protection and infection control standards, all in a world where real estate pressures are high, hospital resources including carpark and waiting room capacity are overstretched, and patient backlogs are at levels never seen before presents a challenging dilemma not easily solved.

And then came Digipod. A revolutionary, plug and play pod that provides user comfort, total privacy and connectivity all in a solution that can be mobilised and commissioned in almost no time at all.

Digipod embraces modern methods of construction giving you a factory built working consulting booth that can be assembled in less that an hour – no wet trades, dust, noise and dirt associated with construction.

Digipod Acoustic Consulting Booth

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Digipod Acoustic Consulting Booth

Change management

Embrace change for the benefit of your patients and the wellbeing of your staff.

The Digipod system is not just an amazing product – it is also an amazing revolution in carrying the confidence of all involved.

The digital revolution has so many benefits but these are sometimes masked behind sceptism and resistance to change.

As part of designing a great product we will work with you in the whole process of change to ensure all stakeholders involved are brought on board in a sensitive way for the overall benefit of everyone.

Delays in implementation are often caused through poor communication and misunderstanding. We will help you to cut through all this to ensure transformation happens quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

Get in touch to discuss our 4 stage process of change management.

Digipod Acoustic Consulting Booth
Digipod Modular Rooms
Digipod Modular Rooms
Digipod Modular Rooms

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